Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very eventful day. We woke up early and ate some oatmeal. After breakfast, David and I went to the skipper’s meeting to talk about the race. I’m so happy I got to be skipper today because it felt cool to be a part of the smaller group of skippers and student skippers. When we returned from the meeting, I got to brief the crew and assign jobs to everyone. Once all the boats were ready, we began to line up. If it was opposite day, then we would have gotten second in the race, but we got 5 out of 6. Although we didn’t win, it was fun to be at the helm and see everyone working together. When the race was all finished, we went to port at West End and had pizza for the first time in two weeks. After the satisfying taste of cheese, dough, and tomatoes, I got to go shopping for some souvenirs. Next, David and I had another skipper’s meeting for the second race. This race was much longer than the other, and we had to do a lot of tacks. I loved talking about the rules, looking at the charts, and figuring out our starting spot during the meeting. We were the second most windward boat, which means we were very close to the wind. This race did not start very well because we ended up accidentally doing a tack, but we still made it the right way. Everything was going pretty smooth with the jib and the main until our port jib sheet got stuck because it got wrapped around the winch too many times accidentally. After that little incident, I got to finish off the day by sailing us into Great Harbor at Peter Island. Now we’re cleaning the dishes and listening to Tubthumping to represent our loss today during the race because Rossi never gives up. Soon we will have a sailing fiesta with David to review for our sailing theory test tomorrow. P.S. Happy Birthday, Max!