Location: Calvi - France

My day started nice and early at the prime hour of twelve o’clock in the morning. I was shaken awake by one of the members of the third watch team and rolled out of my bunk to begin my watch. Helena and I enjoyed inspecting the marvelous night sky for constellations, as well as the boat on one of our various boat checks. And after helming through bioluminescent waters off the coast of Corsica, my watch team and I retired back to our bunks where we caught up on some zzzz’s before our next watch at nine. by the time I a was awaken again, watch teams one and two had successfully navigated to Calvi on the northern coast of Corsica. We then proceeded to drop sails and hook as we entered the bay. After some much needed boat appreciation, we lower the dinghies into the water we set off to explore The Citadel. It was quite hot on shore, but we all made due by purchasing multiple cups of gelato. Keenan very much enjoyed purchasing a new white hat to go with his cotton yachting outfit as the rest of us checked out the plethora of shops in Calvi. Carolyn picked us up from port and took us back to Argo for showers and dinner prep. Tina, Alexa and Jack cooked up a delicious meal of teriyaki beef and stir-fry veggies for us. Now we begin our evening program before we pick up hook early tomorrow morning and carry one with the next leg our adventure!