Location: Boniifacio - France

Today started early for some sailors and later for others. For those who felt up to it, Carolyn had prepared a hike up to the lighthouse along the coast of Bonifacio, waking us at 5:15, on the dot. For the others, a much-needed addition of three hours of sleep was granted. After a nice breakfast of cereal, the entire crew met up for cleanup and quickly worked our way to shore. On shore, we walked around, taking in the small shops and large yachts that seemed to appear overnight. Some made the trek into Old Town, where the touristy vibe was abandoned, and a more regular life vibe was adopted. Afterwards, we all met back aboard Argo and prepared her for passage. Sadly, the final step in passage preparation was to say goodbye to one of our crewmembers. With Steve as a taxi driver, he was able to safely reach the airport and make it through to his flight. While Steve was gone, Ben had maneuvered Argo out to the middle of the sea directly outside of Bonifacio. In the downtime between Steve’s return to Argo and the beginning of our sail to Calvi, we ventured off of Argo via dinghy to some nearby rock caves. Some crewmembers stayed aboard and were able to catch a couple of hours of extra rest. When everyone re-boarded, we raised the sails and headed on our way. Dinner was served at 6:30 and was a delicious stew made by the chefs. As the rocking of the boat continues, so do our adventures.