Location: On Route to St. Tropez

This morning started off pulling up the anchor in Calvi. Everyone staggered up the stairs for the daily morning briefing, tiered and hungry. After the I explained the day to everyone, we got up to grab our cereal, split into watch teams, then go back to bed. Watch team 3 started off which meant more sleep for me and the other teams. After a 3-hour sleep, we were woken up for lunch. At that time Watch team 1 was on, which that meant that Riley, Charlie, Cecilia, Kira, Rex and I had to start. Me and Kira started off on bow watch, to look for oncoming danger or boats. We grabbed our food to take up to the front. It was so windy that by the time I made it up there all my Pringles had blown away. The deck was soaked with salt water. After an hour of bow watch, Kira and I had salt water dripping from our hair and clothes. My team switched off jobs after every hour including taking over the helm (driving the boat,) hourly boat checks and bow watches. After sharing stories in the cockpit for an hour, Cecilia and I did a boat check. We were down below filling out the paper when a suddenly the boat jerked and I fell off the stairs onto the floor. Cecilia and I looked at each other and started laughing. After our watch was done, there was a fire drill. Everyone who had been sleeping raced upstairs with medical supplies, pillows, lifejackets and fire extinguishers. After the drill, we went downstairs to put everything away and start a seamen ship class. Everyone gathered in the kitchen before the big test! After that my watch team was relieved and we all passed out in our beds. We woke up to calm seas and dinner. After eating, we all did a squeeze and talked about the day.