Location: Antigua to St. Barths

Today was the best day of sailing we have had so far. Our day started early in the morning at 2:00 am preparing for the sail towards St. Barths. After a rather fun and music filled wake up aboard the boat, we readied the boat for sailing! We left The Slipway where we were docked at 3:00 am and set out to sea. Once at sea, we split into watch-teams to allow for missed sleep. The sail was fairly straight forward; we cruised along having the sails set to a “broad-reach,” which allowed for a quick and easy ride. While on watch, each team listened to music and chatted with each other to stay awake. As we approached St. Barths, everybody was awake ready to anchor so Andy could check us into customs. While we waited for Andy’s return, we took showers in the beautiful clear blue waters in Barths which had made everyone very excited to see the rest of what St. Barths had to offer! After Andy returned from a successful trip to the customs office, we readied the boat for docking. Everybody was amazed to come to the dock and a mini-5th avenue right across from our boat! At the dock, we could see all the high fashion stores that made St. Barths truly a luxury island. The day came to an end with a wonderfully cooked breakfast for dinner, which filled everybody. Overall the entire boat had a great day. We are very excited to see the rest of the island tomorrow!