Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

What did we do today? We hiked, but not intense hiking like the last three hikes we’ve done. This hike was a lot easier to the point where it felt like we just walked up an ant hill. It’s amazing to see how high you can go in just thirty minutes. While on the hike we saw old gun batterys that the English used to use. Antigua is such a beautiful island and the view from where we were was amazing! You could see the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. The end of the hike landed us on Pigeon Beach and we got time to play around for about an hour. We then came back to the boat, took showers, and had free time to go eat lunch. We ALL ended up ordering PIZZA!!!! It tasted so good! After lunch we had all afternoon to do what we wanted; most of us stayed on the grassy area near the boat docks. It was a perfect time to study, talk, and just mess around. The chefs got started on Mexican night dinner and set up the cockpit for dinner. Dinner was amazing and left us all feeling full and tired. We have to get up at two tomorrow morning to sail to St. Barths . So off to bed for us, good night.