Location: St. Barths

We woke up at 7:30 full of energy and looking forward to exploring all the places of Saint Barths. After eating some cereal on the boat, some people went to the Creperie to have a “second” breakfast. While the girls stayed shopping in the luxury shops near the Port of Gustavia, the boys took another path and went to the other side of the island to Saint Jean bay. Here the runway of the airport ends on the beach so you can stay in the water while watching the airplanes taking off right over your head. We all came back to the harbor to have lunch. Some of us went to a burger restaurant, and others to a pizzeria and ate a 1-meter long pizza! Then we all met at Shell Beach and had a great time there swimming in that clear water of the Caribbean. We also had a stone skipping contest; the record was six skips by Giacomo. We came back to take a shower in the harbor’s bathrooms which closed at 4:30 so we had to hurry. Then we had on the boat a huge revision session for the sailing test tomorrow while Andy cooked us a delicious dinner consisted of beans and sausages. Finally, we all went to bed early to get ready for surfing tomorrow.