Location: Bonifacio France

The day started with the coolest anchor watch enjoying the awesome music the German boat was playing which made watch more enjoyable. After breakfast, we put four of our sails up and made our way to Corsica, five us stayed up on the bow for the 16 tacks we did and had the most amazing time, sailing with the strongest wind yet on our trip. We then arrived in Corsica, it was the most beautiful passage with both islands (Corsica and Sardinia) on either side of the boat, we had to dock the boat backwards and fit in a very narrow space. We then had some shore time, which we spent walking on the streets of Bonifacio while eating crepes and Gelato and taking the most awesome pictures on the top of the highest peak of the town with views to the sea. We then finished of our evening by eating some yummy Mexican food and doing a great squeeze. We’re now going to spend some more time on shore , get more Gelato and do laundry.