Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today, Bella, and the rest of the sail side fleet had a miniature rotation day. First, we motored from Sommer’s Beach to Muskmelon Bay to start the rotations. Jamie’s group of Bellas had our second fish ID dive in the first rotation, which was immediately followed by going over to Lady Aubrey for the second rotation, since the rotations switch when the divers are done. The second rotation was watching a video about Irving Johnson with some of the kids from Squeaky and Lady A. The third rotation was watersports, where I went waterskiing and some of the other kids rocked the slalom ski. Now we have sailed over to Cane Garden Bay, where we will hike tomorrow and then get some shore time to call our parents. It’s hard to believe we only have six real days left; it’s gone by so fast!