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British Virgin Islands - 2016, Session 2

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

Bien venuto to La Bella Vita! Looking down the West End dock at our 13 vessels with their Action Quest flags flying high, it's hard to contain my excitement for the arrival of our shipmates. Shona, Andy and I have spent the last few days furiously loading our boat with all the supplies needed for a month of adventure and fun. Our cupboards are full of dry goods, our fridge is brimming with fresh fruits, veggies, eggs and meat, our library holds the books for our Vega and advanced sailors and divers and the watersport and dive gear has been distributed throughout the fleet. Now all we need to set sail is the rest of our crew.

Here is an introduction to the crew of La Bella Vita:

Carolyn: Skipper

Born 500 meters from the ocean in Rhode Island, Carolyn has been drawn to it from a young age. After being bitten by the sailing bug at 18she spent her summers working on classic sailboats. She graduated from Brown University with a BA in International Relations in May 2014, and decided to take to the waters on any boat with sails. Having grown up with a French mother and German father, Carolyn has been traveling for as long as she can remember. Wanting to spend more time in the places she visited, Carolyn began to seek outwork opportunities abroad. Her most recent experiences include conducting sociology research in India, teaching English in Mauritius, and working on sheep and cattle ranches in Australia. Since the fall of 2014, she has combined her love of the sea and living abroad by working aboard sailing vessels on the northern shores of New Zealand.

Shona: Mate

Shona is returning for her second year with ActionQuest and is super excited to spend another summer in the beautiful sunny Caribbean. She graduated in 2013 after studying outdoor education and geography on the west coast of Ireland. From a young age, she has loved to sail and spent as much time as possible in the water and exploring. Shona also has a keen interest in drama and spent a year studying performing arts. Her love for adventure sports took a new direction when she moved to Switzerland after university and discovered snowboarding, and over the past three years, she has split her time between the mountains and ocean. Shona has a great love for the outdoors and the benefits that can come from experiential education. Her goal is to inspire and educate her students in a fun safe learning environment.

Andy: Dive Instructor/Mate

Andy started traveling 6 years ago and realized his dream of living and working among different cultures as an Expedition Leader and Open Water Scuba Instructor. After traveling to the America’s he's found a real passion in Spanish culture and herbal medicines. He loves food and is often found with a (much too large) veggie dish in front of him listening to music or watching the footie with friends.