Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today we woke up at 5:30am, ate cereal, did the dishes and arrived on the dock with our shoes and wearing shorts. Today was the longest day of this trip. From 7am to 1pm we hike Mt. Sage, which is, at the top, the highest point in the Virgin Islands at about 500 something meters. We had to hike up the steepest slope I have ever seen for like twenty minutes, and that was only the first part. For the next two hours all 100 something ActionQuest shipmates hiked up sloped roads with nary a flat ground. It was better than the last time I did it because this time I didn’t forget to bring a full water bottle, which I eventually finished right before I reached the top. One of my friends was like 23rd in the race to the top, but I was only 108th, which is better than the last time I was one of the very last people to reach the top. After the hike, we got shore time where we could get cheeseburgers and ice cream til 1:30pm. Finally, we did a sandcastle competition where our boat made a car and a hammerhead shark. Today I feel exhausted but I managed to survive and laugh about it. Also, we are going to have a BBQ and a band tonight.