Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Wakey wakey! It’s eggs and ba-cy! Minus the bacon. Today our chefs were Derek and Jack C. and they made scrambled eggs with banana nut muffins. Today we did rotations at Muskmelon Bay. First sailing Picos, then waterskiing or wakeboarding. Next, we went back to Bella to eat lunch, which Shona had already prepared! We ate soup and apples. After lunch, we went scuba diving. It was a little hard to equalize at first, but then I got it down. Andy took us beginners down to 10-12 meters. It was amazing. It’s just like the feeling of being a fish, breathing and swimming underwater among them. After scuba, we motored here to Sommer’s Beach. Now we’re getting ready for the BBQ. Can’t wait!