Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today started with a breakfast of the perfect cinnamon/Nutella pancakes, thanks to Derek! The staff came back from their meeting late, so we had extra time to play our music and some of us went back to sleep. When Shona, Andy, and Carolyn came back, we set off for a long time of sailing circles, heave to’s, and other sail training activities. We had a leftover Thanksgiving and breadless sandwiches for lunch. It was actually good! We did a few more sailing circles, and then sailed to Muskmelong Bay where we will be for the night. When we arrived, we made a boom swing and swung for hours in the rain. Some of us even using the swing while showering. Next, we sorted out the laundry load and Jack started dinner. After dinner, we had a Lifeworks Forum on our boat. Next, we will chill out for a short while and then get to sleep for another long day tomorrow.