Location: Palau - Sardinia

Today, we started off the day with a nice wakeup to some scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. After Rome and a long sail, many of us were craving some shore time. so following our breakfast we came on shore to hike up to the Bear Rock, enjoying some nice views of Sardinian towns and the Sea. The group hiked back down to the nearby town of Golfo Saline, where we got to have some personal time to explore the town, go to the supermarket, and get some lunch. Many of us spent our “chill’ time together snacking on some local food and having fun with each other. The whole group met back up for some small boat sailing on some adventurous 16- foot Hobie Cat sailboats. The group took turns sailing around the bay at fast speeds in some heavy winds. The strong winds gave the whole group an adrenaline rush as they went flying around the sea on their boats, but the wind sent a few sailors for a tumble. Once everyone got back onto Argo, the whole group was still laughing about the adventures they had on the smaller boats. While on deck, the wind started to really pick up, and the waves picked up, making it difficult to jump-in shower. Meanwhile, the chefs whipped up the crew a nice dinner of Mexican cheesy chicken and rice, wrapping up the day on a good note after such an eventful day.