Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

As the title says, it truly was another day in paradise. We started it off by waking to the smell of eggs being cooked, which was nice as I got out of my hammock. We then washed up breakfast and set sail from Muskmelon Bay to Sommer’s Beach. We then had to do our navigation dive, which was really fun. We had to find our toy crab (Casserole) to find the heading to find the next toy to find where else we had to go. After the long and intense scavenger hunt, we came up to do rescue skills, where we learned how to pull an unresponsive onto the boat. I then found out we had lost our beloved toy, Crab Casserole. Now we are going to go to an amazing beach barbecue where we will meet up with the rest of AQ and hang out on the beach, but before that, we have to do our O2 training where I just beat my previous breath-holding record.

Til next time.