Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a very laid back day! Everyone woke up at 7:00 am. We pulled the anchors up at 7:30 and motored over to Brewer’s Bay, where we splash for our final Search and Recovery Dive! After that, I helped cook the best quesadillas ever! They were so good, BoBo, and I cooked 40 quesadillas for 17 people. Next, we motored over to the other side of Brewer’s Bay and tied up to Spindrift II and went for a fun dive. I, myself, didn’t go on the dive because I needed a break from diving because my ears are feeling uncomfortable. But Cameron and I put our fins and masks on and went free diving. We free dove down to 40ft to this one swim through that was so cool and had so many fish in it. It was incredible. After that, the whole boat had a swimming party off the back of the boat. We jumped off the boat and just did some fun stuff in the water. Then we had to pump tanks, so we hung out on the boat as we motored to Cane Garden Bay, where we are staying for the night. On the way over, we had fresh water showers! So tonight the boat is smelling good. Another thing that we did on the ride over to Cane Garden Bay was the last O2 lecture/ Emergency Oxygen Lecture. The coolest part of the whole day is after tonight, we are done with book work, and moving on to the real-life scenarios for the rest of the trip. This is where we put all of the training and skills that we have been learning for the last fourteen days, come together, and we put them to the test. But first we as a boat have to pass our EFR Test tonight (Emergency First Responder) everyone has been studying all day, and I have no doubts about anyone. Everyone will pass the test. The instructors told us it’s between 35-50 questions. So yeah tonight is an early night to bed because we have the longest day of the whole trip, so Madison G. will let you know all about that tomorrow! Everyone on the boat is having a great time, and also missing family and friends that are home!