Location: Palau - Sardinia

The day started at midnight exactly for Watch Team 3, which included myself, Keenan, Hayley, Jack, Colby, Jeremy and Cooper. We took turns doing boat checks, bow watch and helming until it was time to wake up the next group. Watch Team 1 stayed up until 6, then Watch Team 2 until 9. Towards the end of the 6 to 9 watch, we were able to see a pod of about three dolphins under the bow swimming with us. The 9 to 12 watch team, mine, saw another larger pod hopping around and swimming along with us again just an hour later. It was incredible to see something that seems so whimsical and dreamlike to be happening to you just a few feet from your face. We then woke everyone for an underway lunch of mac and cheese and roasted broccoli. After lunch, we had a lesson on bouyage and sound signals with Cooper and the always-inspiring Chapman. When we’d learned as much as we could, Watch Team 1 took the helm back while most of us headed back to catch a few precious hours of sleep. Around four we took all four sails down and anchored, then jumped into the frigid water for showers. Dinner was roast pork, lentils with eggplant for the vegetarians, mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli roast. We even had chocolate chip blondie bars to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday, however, we got a little ahead of ourselves and pulled them out of the oven really early. The ‘bars’ ended up more as piles of goo, but were delicious nonetheless. We’re finishing up cleaning now and are planning on watching the first Pirates of the Caribbean tonight.