Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we awoke groggily. This morning our staff had a meeting off the boat. That meant that all of us had the boat to ourselves. However, we did have to prepare breakfast, clean up, and make sure we left food for them. We started the morning quiet, but as soon as the staff stepped off the boat, we erupted into laughter and a ton of fooling around. We devoured pancakes made by the chefs of the day, Cade and Skittles! We joked around while cleaning our dishes and utensils. Immediately after our breakfast was over, we were off. We sailed the boat to Muskmelon Bay. Everyone had a blast rigging the boat. Once we got to our beautiful destination, we sat down to a chicken salad sandwich lunch. After lunch, we split off some of our shipmates for diving, while some of our other shipmates did snorkeling and watersports. Then we all came back to our ship and took saltwater showers. Following that, we ate a chili dinner. We had sail chat and found ourselves at the end of another splendid day aboard our amazing ship Changes!