Location: Marina Cay

As we drop the anchors at Marina Cay, looking around things seem to be a little different than 10 days ago! Ten days ago we were simply an eager group but now we are a well groomed sailing crew. We have sailed up the Sir Francis Drake channel, from Virgin Gorda to Anegada and all the while we have fine-tuned the sailing skills. Apart form sailing, our students have taken some time underwater. Cade and Griffin are well on their way to becoming advanced divers. They even led their dive groups through the Chimneys dive! Meanwhile, Ben, Bailin and Matt have been working hard to complete their open water course. After their dives today Olivia, Catherine and Dawson were smiling ear to ear! While the underwater world has captivated some, others have been entranced by the sailing. Josephine and Alison have become wizzes on the Picos and loved the small boat sailing! The crew of Changes has formed into a community of friends, not only learning about sailing and diving but have become a dancing crew as well. Whether it be a Taylor Swift sail day and singalong or a night rave complete with leftover night dive glow sticks-we have been laughing and smiling the whole way. As the staff aboard, we cannot wait to see where the next half of the trip will take us and the students. By the end of our journey we are excited to see the certifications and growth of our students!