Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was another great day! We started off the day with some cereal and milk. After that, we split up into groups. Some of us went turtle tagging while others went Pico sailing. Then we went to tie knots and make Turk’s Heads. Then we came back to our ship to a wonderful lunch of mac and cheese with Ian from Manic. Then some of us went scuba diving while others learned about coral reef conservation. Then we swapped. Those who went diving learned about coral reefs and vice versa. We saw a stingray and a 7ft reef shark. And when we surfaced, we were finally certified as open water divers! After all this hard work, we finally got it!! Then we came back to a yummy summertime thanksgiving dinner with Mike. Then we did an activity with cards for a while. Next, we had a long and deep Lifeworks Forum. That is how we spent our day. (Editor’s Note: The Quest students went turtle tagging with the Lifeworks program and caught a turtle!)