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British Virgin Islands - 2014, Session 3

Staff Update Day 1!

Location: West End, Tortola


Today the crew of Changes got her seaworthy and ready to sail on the high seas. We topped off the water, stocked up on food, deck washed and cleaned the salon while being extremely excited to get out on the water. Your crew is Higgy (Sam) as the captain and Emelia and Catie, who will be your dive instructors. Hopefully, you are as excited as we are to get this trip going as we are anticipating and raring fun time. 


Here is an introduction to the staff of Changes:


Sam- skipper 

Bornin Beverly, Massachusetts, Sam Higgins quickly moved to the town of Stratham, NH. He grew up there alongside an older brother Jonathan and his twin Ben. Spending his summer months on the coast of Maine till he was eighteen aloud, Sam to experience his true passion, working on boats.  When he was old enough, he received his first license from the United States Coast Guard. Going on from there, he worked on Ferryboats, Maine Windjammers, and Whale/sight- seeing companies. He received his RYA Yacht-master 200-ton in 2012 and has since been working on various yachts while also trying to keep his smoothie business The Juicery alive and kicking in Portsmouth, NH. Often he can be seen fishing, exploring, and teaching people his love and passion of the ocean.



Catie-dive instructor/ mate


Originally from Massachusetts, Catie began scuba diving in the cold New England waters. Despite the cold waters, Catie fell in love with diving and grew to appreciate it even more in the warm waters of the British Virgin Islands during her first summer with ActionQuest as a student in 2009. Since then, Catie has gone on to become a PADI Scuba Instructor, holding a certification as an OSWI instructor as well as specialty instruction for the PADI navigation and PADI naturalist specialties. When not on the water, Catie is a current student at the University of San Diego, where she is studying Environmental Studies and Business Finance.




Emelia-dive instructor


Emeliastarted ActionQuest as a student in 2008, never having sailed or dived before. She immediately fell in love with the program and continued as an AQ shipmate for six years, and this is her 2nd summer working as staff. Emelia is an Open Water SCUBA Instructor and is excited to spread the stoke for diving, sailing, and the ocean to all her students. Outside the AQ universe, Emelia studies marine science and anthropology at the University of San Diego and spends her free time surfing, rock climbing competitively, and attempting tricks on the slack-line.