Location: Nevis

Today we woke up knowing we were going to have the best shore day! We all woke up to a beautiful new view and a great boat breakfast. Our boat had the option of going horse back riding, kayaking, or biking. After we all split to go on different adventures, we made different memories by doing different activities. Once all our adventures were finished we all ate lunch at Turtle Bay, a little resturant on the shore of Nevis. During lunch everyone was doing their own little thing and we got the chance to hang out with the other minerva boat and have time eating lunch with them and also going on the beach. Everyone was having the time of their lives playing in the water and just relaxing on the beach. After all the fun and games, we all had gone back to our boats to shower and clean up for a nice dinner at Sunshines, also on the shore of Nevis! Everyone was able to be together and just enjoy the sights. Once dinner was over, our boats had gone separate ways and had our nightly boat talks, and finally after a long relaxing day, i was able to lay down and get a good sleep!