Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

As the sun rose, shipmates stumbled out of bed as they walked up to the galley. We were soon welcomed by a Captain Speedo-pants holding our plunger up to the skies. Once everyone had wrapped themselves in their PFD’s we set sail from Mountain Point to The Dogs. Cereal and fruit were shoveled into mouths with occasional guzzles of tea and water. After 30 minutes of sailing, we laid our anchor down on the ocean floor at The Dogs. Dishes clanked together as the cleaning began and once everything was shining and stowed away, the dive gear came out. As we prepped ourselves for diving, Deptunes (Dolphins and Neptunes) gathered with Ben and Rescue with Becca. We all shoved our regulators in our mouths, hopped in the water, and swam to the bow of the boat. We then began to explore the unknown for about 30 minutes. We adventured through the plane wreck that was possibly thought to be in “6 Days and 7 Nights.” Soon after we set sail to the Chimneys where we swam through an underwater opening, this time Becca had the pleasure of directing the Deptunes while Sam dove with the Rescues. After the heads popped up from the ocean, we quickly disassembled our gear and stored it for our next encounter with the water. For lunch, Ben prepared an amazing dish of mac and cheese. Shortly after Deptunes broke off to another boat for Lifeworks while Rescues chilled. When everyone was back at Panasea we took off on the dinghies to wakeboard and water-ski. Our chefs created an incredible tomatoes stroganoff minus the tomato. Our dinner ended with the squeeze question “what is your ultimate favorite thing to do?” Our day ended with a Rescue and Dolphin Lifeworks session.