Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today has been a super exciting day! We woke up at around 6:45 and got straight to business. The Squeaky family quickly ate oatmeal and went to our dive catamaran,
Catalinaville, and got to work. The open water divers finished up their last skills, while the advanced students experimented with eggs and a glove. The eggs looked and felt really interesting so deep down, and one of the yolks popped like a bubble! All the divers on Squeakybrat got certified today! We have four new advanced open water divers and 7 new open water divers! Now all that’s left is sailing! After the dives, the Squeakies motored over to West End to get more water, and then to Cane Garden Bay. It started raining when we arrived, and our tuna salad sandwiches got all wet while we were trying to eat them! We finally settled down for an interesting sail chat, and later ate a delectable dinner of Thai chicken and rice. While dinner was being prepared, we saw two dolphins swimming around the bow of our boat!! To sum it up, today has been an awesome day, and was all so excited about getting certified! I can’t wait until tomorrow for the hike and BBQ!