Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We did so many fun things today! The first thing we did was wake up around 6:30. Then for breakfast, we had French toast and cereal. I tried French toast for the first time and I really liked it. Soon after breakfast ended and clean up ended, we were ready for a day of sailing. We quickly raised the mainsail and were tacking and jibing. Then we raised the jib sail, which made us, go a lot faster. We sailed around until lunch, which was about three hours. Before lunch we did a huge boat clean that took a while. Lunch was chicken salad wraps and fruit. Griffin, our skipper, told each of us the things we got checked off for our beginner sailor certification. The main ones that everyone needs is knowing the parts of the sailboat and safety regulations which wont be checked off until the end because we need to make sure we are safe. Everyone on Squeakybrat then went to Sandy Spit. The beach was very tiny and mainly all sand, but it was pretty and I got some really cool photos on my GoPro. We built sandcastles and swam. I was there for the entire afternoon and collected really pretty seashells. Everyone got back on the boat at 6:00pm and ate hot dogs, rice, beans and corn bread. After dinner we took our showers and got ready fro Lifeworks. For Lifeworks we went to Moko Jumbie which is catamaran and we saw Wind Shadow and La Bella Vita.