Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Waking up to a nice ocean breeze on the 13 day of ActionQuest was very peaceful. Knowing I’m Skipper, head of the boat, I immediately got my chefs to make the boat some scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins, very delicious! After our occasionally fast clean up, Jake from Wind Shadow showed us a very deep film on how some corals were dying in the Southeast and affecting human and animal life in Fiji. They found out that the ocean warming, just by 2 degrees Fahrenheit, killed a series of corals. Then after watching that we had a sail chat on the deck and got filled with information about models of boats way back when and why we got new and better sails. After the loads of info, we were able to jump in the water and cool down. Some of the boat stayed on and others, including me, went to do water sports. I did knee boarding and for me first time I did a successful 360!! When we got back on the boat and motored to beach ground and we had a barbecue! There was no music, but we had fun. We celebrated Emma’s new job on a super yacht-teaching scuba with brownies, mmmmmmm. Then we all went to bed and we are all ready for an exciting day of ActionQuest tomorrow!!