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British Virgin Islands - 2017, Session 1

Squeakybrat Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

After a lot of preparation, the time has finally come for the shipmates to arrive. We are so excited to welcome them onboard our boats and begin sharing our love of the ocean with them! For the past week, Griffin, Emma and Elise, have had rigorous staff training. ActionQuest is unique because our staff training includes not only "hard skills" such as how to operate the ActionQuest dinghies, but also has a focus on how to facilitate a caring environment onboard that nurtures leadership and independence in shipmates. Onboard Squeakybrat, a beautiful 51 foot monohull, we will have 12 and 13 year old shipmates from the Vega, Barracuda, and Carina programs. That means that some shipmates will be earning their Open Water Diver and Basic Sailing certifications, while other shipmates will be earning their Advanced Open Water Diver and Advanced Sailing certifications. We are looking forward to 21 days of learning, new friendships, and fantastic adventures out there on the waves of the sea!
Here is an introduction to the crew of Squeakybrat:
Griffin- skipper/EMT
Born and raised in Nebraska, Griffin was not accustomed to the water until attending a camp in northern Minnesota at the age of eight. This is where he learned to sail and fell in love with the adventure and beauty of the water. The fall after graduating high school, he turned down acceptance to many universities to follow his dreams of sailing with Seamester. After completing the program he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he earned his RYA Yachtmaster 200 ton. In the last year, Griffin became an EMT. Griffin is a passionate sportsman who enjoys hunting, tennis and golf. This is Griffin's second summer with ActionQuest and he is looking forward to another fun-filled summer.
Emma- dive instructor/mate/EMT
This will be Emma's second time as a staff member in the BVI, but her 5th time spending a summer with GXG programs! After getting her advanced open water diver certification with ActionQuest in 2011, she fell in love and decided to live a lifestyle that would allow her to dive and sail as much as she could. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean with Seamester, she went to work in Boston for a year in a dive shop. Leaving the frigid conditions there, she worked in the BVI last summer as a mate/ EMT. After this, she went to Mexico to work on a marine conservation base, focusing on corals and juvenile fish. She's back this year as a dive instructor and is so happy to have the chance to dive again in the BVI! When she's not at AQ she enjoys nice vegan food, playing piano and hanging out with her cats.
Elise- mate/EMT
Elise has always been drawn to the waters and the wild places of the world. From the jungles of India to the magnificent Himalayas of Nepal, to the cerulean waters of the Caribbean, Elise’s passion for nature, social justice, and human connections has lead her all over the world. She spent her last year teaching English and ballet at a nonprofit school in Northeastern India. Elise is a certified Emergency Medical Technician, and in addition to sailing and diving, loves trekking, traveling and painting. In the fall Elise will return to the states to attend Bowdoin College.