Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

To start the day one of our shipmates woke up our fellow boat Odyssea by wearing a speedo and a dive flag and bestowing the toilet plunger of destiny upon them to clearly show Grand Cru’s superiority. Soon after we put on our dive gear and explored the Chimneys, it was a beautiful dive. Next, we left our mooring at Mountain Point and sailed to Coral Gardens where we dove. There was a cool plane at the site that we could swim through. As soon as we surfaced delicious mac and cheese was waiting for us. Then we sailed back to Mountain Point with full bellies. We had a naturalist lecture then had a go at wakeboarding. The evening was relaxed with swimming and listening to music. Today was packed with fun; our boat has bonded and begun to truly know each other. For dinner had had delicious veggie burgers excellently prepared by the chefs.