Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we did rotations. The water was amazing, as always, and the sun was out and shining. Most of my Soulmates got some sun today and had a blast. Rotations days are when you switch to each boat and do different activities, such as waterskiing, sailing, kneeboarding, sailing Rhodes, and learning about the tables for scuba diving. Then I went into a Pico sailboat with Jake. We were the longest people sailing. We got stuck and lost all the wind. We found a coconut and finally, Jake threw it and started magically sailing upwind. We figured the coconut was weighing us down. Once we finally got to shore we had time to swim for a bit. All of us then went kneeboarding. I went on the boat with Jonah, Avice, and Julia. I’ve gone kneeboarding three times before and haven’t been able to get my knees up so I just kind of lie on my stomach until I get flipped off. Once we all had a turn, we all went back to the boat and took our showers. We had a dance party and took pictures. So overall today was another day full of fun adventures with the Caribbean Soul and all the staff. Everyone has a blast every day.