We woke up to a boat full of smoke from Ansley and Felicity’s burnt pancakes. However, they ended up great and were quite delicious. We then gathered up all our laundry bags and walked all the way to the laundry place, where we ended up having to leave all our laundry on the front porch of the shop and left a note. We then had an eventful sail chat mostly preparing for our VHF radio test this evening. Then we went off for smoothies (I got two virgin pina coladas because they are the best things ever in the history of ever!) Then we had some great quesadillas for lunch but Neil had far too many. We then went to a dockyard (chicken farm) and studied different characteristics of boats, which was quite interesting. Then we gathered all ingredients for our very own barbecue (bravo bravo Quebec) and went to the beach for an evening of music, dancing, swimming, eating and much merry-making. The boys and Ruth all played water volleyball and “tackle the kid holding the ball” and Kris slaved away over a hot fire pit to create the meal we all were looking forward to, delicious chicken and burgers. Then there was a beautiful sunset over the hilltops.