Location: Antigua

The day started at 11pm for me and the rest of watch team two, composed of Felicity, Ansley, Claire, Neil, myself, and Ruth. To stay awake we all talked which made the watch seem a lot shorter. Unlike on our last overnight passage to Saba, nobody got seasick this time. After going back to bed at 2am the other watch, team arrived in Antigua at about 4:30am and slept until 9am when they awoke and docked Sabamba. Meanwhile the rest of us on watch team two got a lot of sleep. Huge thanks to everyone on watch team one. While Ruth and Kris cleared customs, we ate cereal for breakfast. After doing the dishes, we cleaned up the boat from passage and put Barry Savage III (the dinghy) back in the water. On shore, we looked around Nelson’s Dockyard, which used to be the home base of the British Navy. The mango smoothies were fantastic. Back on Sabamba, we had VHF radio sail chat for about an hour before taking freshwater showers. We then went to a awesome BBQ at the Shirley Heights where we saw Tom Hardy on vacation. The food tasted great but the music was really the highlight of the night. We got back to Sabamba around 9pm and watched The Pirates of the Caribbean and made brownie mixed with cookies. After that, I grabbed a hammock and fell asleep.