Location: Antigua

I am writing this from a dock on St. Barth’s on the morning after the 19th after gently being woken up by Ruth and Kris with water guns blasting in our faces. But this blog is about the 19th. So yesterday, we went to go pick up our laundry and then went ashore for a bit. We then prepared for our long passage to St. Barth’s and fueled up at the dock. After lunch, we had Ansley and William do their sailing practicals, which involves points of sail/sailing circles. We stopped to have dinner and then went on our passage. Team 1 had shifts from 7-10 and 1-4. This was probably the best passage we’ve had because we were going downwind and it was much smoother and much less wet and everyone was more talkative. So, we’ve arrived in St. Barth’s and I hate water guns more than anything in the world now.