Location: Underway from Nevis to Antigua

The day started off with bagels and cream cheese although I do not know if this prepared for us the day ahead. Once we finished clean up, we headed on shore and walked to the Four Seasons for the bikers to pick up their bikes and the horse riders to get a cab to the equestrian center. The ratio of bike riders to horse riders was disproportional despite this the cyclists and horse riders parted ways on their adventures. Beth and Ansley decided to go riding and they were able to enjoy the horse ride with leisure and had a rewarding lunch, while everyone else went on the bike it started off smooth until my bike broke and we had to wait for 30 minutes for the new bike to arrive, after this bump we went along and the gradual progression of the incline began to tire us out bit by bit we had a break to buy water then again trudged along. Once making it up the never-ending hill we cycled down and stopped at the grocery store. Once we got back to the boat with out consensus we decided to head on our passage to Antigua early.