Location: St Kitts and Nevis

This day started out just as any other but… it was very different. Today was the day we all had been waiting for, Day 9, the greatest meal day that has ever been and ever will be on AQ. Back to the start of the day now, we all woke up after getting to sleep in for a longer and more enjoyable time than normal and we awoke to breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls. Proceeding our fantastic breakfast we then cleaned up and went ashore for some fun in the sun. We played beach soccer, attempted to play volleyball and had the chance to talk to some of our family back home to tell them about our amazing experiences and adventures through the islands. After some very intense beach, soccer and some chilling out on the beach it was then time to move on back to our boat for the second part of our amazing day of meals. For lunch, we had the golden brown cheesy goodness known to common people today as grilled cheese. This meal was cooked to perfection by our wonderful chefs Beth and William who decided to add bacon to some of the cheesy goodness bringing the meal from an 8 out of 10 to a close to perfect score of 9.47 out of 10. Then we had time to hangout on the boat listen to music and mentally prepare ourselves for the next meal we had to tackle. We were heading back into the beach for a barbecue accompanied by our fellow vessel Ocean Star to mingle and be merry. We then showered and got ready for our ride into shore where one brave soul would have to sacrifice their nice pants to allow the others to stay slightly drier. We waited about 20 minuets before Ocean Star finally arrived giving us time to arrange ourselves to have maximum mingling capability. Finally, Ocean Star showed up and the mingling and merry-making began and not long after our third and finale, meal came into view; two plates of delicious looking grilled chicken, a bowl of salad, some wonderful rice and finally some seared fish. As we ate, the conversations seemed to stop and the food seemed to take everybody’s attention. When it was time to go we said good-bye to Ocean Star and went back to our lovely boat of Sabamba and when I returned to the boat with Ruth there was a situation; the front dingy light had fallen into the water after an un-named shipmate had knocked it into the deep blue. This situation was dire and required a certain skill set and the ability to dive. I then took it upon my self to dive the great blue and retrieve our lost dingy light from its depths. After casually retrieving our dingy light we celebrated with comparing fellow shipmates to Harry Potter characters and laughing at Ruth’s attempt at a joke relating to a rust colored spot on Clair’s t-shirt. To top the perfect day of cuisine we had cookies before finally retiring to our humble resting places aboard Sabamba. 
P.S Hi Mom & Dad!