Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Last night I was one of the lucky ones and made it below deck just as it started to rain. I woke up around 6am, but since I was skipper I had to wake everyone up. Not the easiest job. Then, once everyone was up and moving, we had breakfast and started sailing. We were all stuffed below deck because it started pouring. While we were down there we had an hour to study for our sailing exam. Once we anchored at Road Town we all took the exam. It wasn’t too bad. Once everyone was finished we were all able to go on land and it stopped raining. Avice, Julia, Jonah, and I all walked around land. When we finally sat down for lunch, our food took an hour to get, and once it did we had to go. I had a veggie burger and a plate of pasta. Anyways, we sailed over to Peter Island and I had my makeup dive. I am now a fully certified open water diver! I took my speedy quick shower and we all had a nice dinner. Today was great.