Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We awoke this morning around 7:30 some people were more easily awake than others and got cereal for breakfast. We realized our freshie bucket and bleach went overboard in the storm. So Justin, Annie and I hopped in the dinghy and went over to Panasea to borrow some of their bleach. We waited for the weather to clear up a little then we sailed to Roadtown. At Roadtown we all went to lunch and stopped by Craig’s boat to wish him a happy birthday. Once we were back on our boat, we sailed back to GHP to dive the Rhone’s anchor. The Dolphins worked on their projects before the dive, and the Neptunes went on down. The rescues stayed back and studied for their exam. The Dolphins and Neptunes saw the anchor then we all split up after some fun and games and headed out to see the reef. We all surfaced, and the Dolphins started preparing for our presentations. After dinner, the Rescues went to Sam’s boat for their exams, and the Neptunes had a quiz then played some games. The Dolphins went to Odyssea to present our research projects that were all amazing.