Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up this morning with the intent to dive the famous wreck of the Rhone. However, mother nature had other plans. Upon setting up the dive boat, another squall hit us. We scrambled to put all the gear away in strong winds and rain. I felt like a true sailor weathering the storm. So the Rhone was a bust :-(, but we did get to go to Road Town! A couple of friends and I went to Pusser’s, and I got a monster meat burger. A monster meat burger involves a half pound beef patty, a generous slice of ham, three slices of bacon, and a fried egg on top. A normal person would have trouble tackling such a monstrosity; however, I am a maverick with tiger blood and finished with room for dessert. After Road Town, I slept off that feast and woke up in Great Harbor. Other divers had to make up dives, but I went wakeboarding instead. Finally, we did a Lifeworks session with Mike, which is always lovely. Now it’s time for part two of the Divemaster test. Hopefully, my tiger blood will serve me well.