Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day started with whistling winds and roaring rains. We motored over to the wreck of the Rhone early this morning. Just as we finished gearing up to dive the wreck, it started to rain. The rain soaked us in seconds, and the wind whisked the water off the tips of rolling whitecaps. It would have been dangerous getting in and out of the water in those conditions, so we postponed the dive until tomorrow. We motored over to Road Town instead of diving. We ate some lunch in Road Town and went around to the different shops. By the time we left Road Town the storm had passed. We motor-sailed back to Great Harbor, and we bro’d out for a while. The seagulls were having a family reunion or something because they would swarm within seconds of a piece of bread thrown overboard. Today was a bit slow, but it has not made the fact that we have to leave this paradise in three days any more appealing.