Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Every day we spend on the Wind Shadow, we push our limits and try new things. Today, we woke up to a beautiful blue sky. Our delicious breakfast consisted of instant oatmeal and fruit. Full to our stomachs, we then submerged ourselves with sunscreen. Once we were prepared to spend our day doing watersports, we filed into dinghies and headed towards Savanna Bay Beach. Our group of 11 shipmates split into two groups. One group stayed on the beach and learned how to ride the waves while windsurfing. The second group went on another dinghy to do some waterskiing, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding. Kiwi (Kayleigh) got up upon the waterskis on her first attempt! To my surprise, I somehow got up onto the waterskis as well. After spending 2 hours doing those activities, we rotated groups and spent the next two hours doing the other activity. After spending 4 hours doing rotations, we made our way back to the Wind Shadow and had an amazing lunch. Every member of our boat agrees that peanut butter and honey sandwich in the best meal ever (a.k.a. just me!!). Once we filled our stomachs up, we headed back to eat beach to prep our scuba gear. The feeling of breathing underwater for the first time ever was mesmerizing. It’s surprising how much heat you can lose in the Caribbean water. It was freezing! We then spent the next five hours in 10 feet water learning new skills for scuba diving. After coming out of the water, we made our way back to Wind Shadow and had a fantastic dinner of beef stroganoff, salad and AMAZING garlic bread. We concluded our dinner reflecting on our day. We then got into our daily cleaning routine. Lastly, we ended the night doing a Lifeworks Forum with Mike and a few other boats.