Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started with a later wake up at 7:00 am followed by breakfast as we motored from Blue Chromis to Salt Island. After munching on some cereal, we were introduced to the tragic fate of the RMS Rhone, a ship that sank, leaving only 23 people alive. However, the kind people of Salt Island took in the 23 survivors and helped recover the dead from the Rhone and gave them a proper burial. As thanks, Salt Island was given to the inhabitants for only 1 bag of salt a year. This salt is said to still be used on the Queen of England’s table. After the lecture, we set up our gear and descended to dive the Rhone. The large mast was encrusted in coral and laid on the bottom. The wreck was complete with creatures so utterly foreign that they inspired a feeling a wonder inside. We swam through an opening in the Rhone. While swimming through, I imagined the Rhone as it was originally, a ship so large and powerful it was deemed unsinkable. After having such a wonderful dive, we packed up our gear and took a dinghy to Salt Island. We went on a hike to the highest point on Salt Island, stopping along the way to look at the graves of the people that died in the shipwreck. The view from atop the island revealed a beautiful blue sky and sea with lush green islands off in the distance. We returned to the boat and traveled to GHP and the Rescues did a training dive to work on navigation and panicked diver procedures. Afterwards, we relaxed in the water and Ethan found a barracuda. He then proceeded to play chicken with it and won. A delicious dinner having been provided by Chloe and Savannah, I headed up to the power tower and here I am writing this blog. As I write, the Neptunes are heading out on a night dive. Another great day has come to an end and here’s to another great one tomorrow.