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Today we got to sleep in and woke up to oatmeal and fruit served! We ate quickly than the 3 Neptunes got our dive gear ready and hopped onto Happy Our for our wreck dive. The Rescues did a search and recovery dive practicing the jackstay pattern and did their EFR practice and lectures. Us Neptunes stayed on Happy Our to let rescues focus and we all met in Road Town. There was a parade and some good food places to eat and walk around. Right as we got to port some rain kicked in. After port, the storm grew stronger and stronger. All of Pure Joy danced and sang in the rain until some intense thunder and lightning kicked in. We motored to Marina Cay in crazy weather. We all played cards until dinner which was Ramen. After dinner, we got to listen to a tape called “The Best Things Are Not Things”. It was very moving and I believe the tape touched everyone’s heart.