Location: Cooper Island

This morning started when the engines were fired up at 4:30 am by our skipper clutching a cup of coffee. We were going on our longest sail of the trip from Vixon Point to Anegada. The few shipmates that were up witnessed a beautiful sunrise and then a cinnamon toast and scrambled egg breakfast. After cleaning up, the Rescues and Neptunes split up for the Rescues to attempt their first search and recovery dive while the Neptunes had a boat diving lecture. For the Rescues, we had to locate a “missing diver” or kettlebell that then had to be brought to the surface. Even though we retrieved the “diver”, we didn’t do it in a timely manner so we learned a lot about having a sense of urgency when another life on the line. Afterwards, the whole dive side spent a few hours relaxing on a pure white sand beach. After returning to the boat for a quick lunch, we hoisted the sails for another long sail to Cooper Island. After studying and completing a series of knowledge reviews, we once again set up dive gear for a really exciting dive. The Rescues would be going on a fun dive while the Neptunes were going to complete their deep dive for their advanced open water certification. Both groups dove wreck alley and swam through two amazing ships filled with beautiful fish. It was one of the best wreck dives I have ever been on. It was the highlight of the day for most of us when we finished dinner watching another amazing sunset.