Location: Known for pesto, it's a beautiful place to visit!!

Everyone is in Porto Venere, it is so beautiful and an amazing place to come and see. It is known for their pesto so if you like that this is the place to get it. Also, they have bars of chocolate that are so good you will fall in love with it. Today’s schedule was 8:00 breakfast, 9:00 we departed for Porto Venere, 12:00 was lunch, 3:00 we arrived after doing watch teams, 3:30 we had shore time where you go and look around and go into different little shops, just basically do your own thing and hang out with everyone and enjoy yourself, 5:30 was showers and then started to rain on us, 7:00 was dinner, and lastly 8:00 which is coming up is sailing class. It was a great day, and it’s incredible to see and have an experience like this, it’s amazing!