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Written by Shaun Swartz

This holiday season we’re reflecting on all of the incredible people, places, and things we’re thankful for during our “5 Days of Thankfulness.”

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to be thankful at ActionQuest!

1 – Lifelong Friends

Our shipmates have been creating life-changing teen adventure trips since 1986 and in that time more than a few lifelong friends have been made. All these years later, everyone agrees – the best part about ActionQuest is the people.

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2 – Those Blues & Greens of the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a dream. Whether it’s hauling the lines to a close-reach up the Sir Frances Drake Channel or sitting atop the craggy peak of Salt Island, there’s no shortage of breathtaking views in the BVI. It’s the kind of place where you find yourself consistently staring at the ocean with a mouth-half-open kind of gaze and wondering, “how can one place be so beautiful?”

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3 – Those big, beautiful boats we call home every summer.

If the heart and soul of AQ teen adventure trips are the students and the crew, then the body would have to be the sailing vessels on which we live. Over the course of a voyage, the vessel becomes much more than just a mode of transportation. After 3 weeks at one of our sailing adventure camps, our students often tell us that the vessel becomes part of the team, part of themselves. After 3 weeks, our students often tell us that the vessel becomes part of the team, part of themselves.

Teen Summer Travel Camps

4 – Our incredibly talented staff who return to AQ year after year

We’re proud to attract and recruit some of the best in our field for our adventure summer camps for high school students. Our team consists of avid world travelers, qualified instructors, and fun and experienced facilitators and educators. All members of our crew are dynamic, multi-talented, and passionate individuals with an unending devotion and commitment to the experience of our students.

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5 – Extra ski and wakeboard runs

Watersports are a huge part of all AQ teen adventure trips. Even the first day out on a BVI program you’ll be snorkeling the Caves at Norman Island to reveal the multitude of fish and diverse marine life of the tropics. In the BVI we travel with a full set of watersports equipment. We have six RIB dinghies for our wakeboarding and waterskiing camp, so everyone gets to try wakeboarding and water skiing for the first time or master a few tricks and learn to slalom! Over the last 40 years, we have taught thousands to ski and wakeboard at our water sports camp.

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