Written by Shaun Swartz

Since our inception in 1986,

our goal at ActionQuest has been to provide life-changing experiential education programs that take our students beyond what they thought possible. Students from around the globe attend our scuba diving summer adventure programs to not only earn their PADI diving certifications but also to learn skills that prepare them for life after a voyage. Thousands of students have called our vessels home over the past 30 years and have spent countless hours exploring our underwater world while earning different certifications through our PADI specialty diver courses, like our Barracuda Adventure, our Neptune Adventure, or the Aquarius Adventure.

Just for some perspective, ActionQuest received over 400 students from 43 different states and 29 countries around the world in 2016 alone. Our students earned over 1,200 PADI diving certifications, spent approximately 740 hours compressing air for their tanks and consumed roughly 5,520 quesadillas during surface intervals between dives (The last one’s a bit of a rough guess – but it’s not that far off.)

As a result of these efforts, ActionQuest has received PADI’s 2016 “Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Diver Continuing Education.” This award is designed to recognize organizations with a clear dedication to providing consistent first-rate SCUBA training in a safe and educational environment; rather, what we’ve been doing for over 40 years with our scuba courses. And while last year was an incredible year for us, 2018 is shaping up to be one of the best yet (and we’re not just talking about more quesadillas).