Location: West End, Tortola

As these three spectacular weeks draw to a close, we can’t believe how much of a wonderful whirlwind this has been. We have come together as a team, worked through challenges and had some of the best days ever. We will certainly miss our crew- Rex’s sense of humor, Mathia’s quick wit, and Reid’s clever boat jokes. We will miss Kayleigh’s deep discussions, Claiborne’s honest goodwill, and Nicole’s infectious laugh. Mia’s dry humor and Samara’s big smile have brought a little more sunshine every morning, and Supriya’s enthusiasm has upped the positive energy. We will miss Owen’s kindness, and Alex’s resourcefulness, especially during meal prep. Most of all, we will miss those times when we all laughed so hard our sides were aching. There will certainly be tears as our eleven adventurers head down to dock with their duffel bags, sun-kissed and windblown and ready to share their stories with loved ones back home. We wish them all fair winds, wherever their paths may lead.