Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up at seven to a good amount of wind. When all the sleepyheads got out of bed we had cereal for breakfast. Soon after eating and doing the dishes we split into two groups. Vegas did a scuba lecture followed by a sailing one while Carinas did sailing all morning. For lunch we had tortilla soup with crackers. After lunch we did dishes and prepared for the sea. We pulled off our mooring ball and headed out into the wind. The sail was fun and very interesting due to the waves. As we pulled in we still had our mainsail up. We had decided that we would sail directly to the mooring ball. Ted and I (the skipper of the day) got all hands on deck and gave everyone a job to do. We dropped our main right as we got to the ball, and the watch on the bow got the ball. Once on the ball we prepared to attach to all the other boats. We got off the ball and powered backwards to attach to all the other boats. We dropped anchor in front, tied to the land in the back, and tied to the other boats. Once we settled in we began to cook dinner, which was Mexican night. Now we are about to begin the evening activity, which is more dive chats.