Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

So, as the gleaming, golden sun rose above the glistening, blue sea, we began another day. For breakfast Boyd managed to scramble 48 eggs in our soup pot, impressively delectable. Though the blueberry muffins started out looking hardly edible Lauren and Cara remembered the eggs and successfully added them to the globular purple mass. As soon as we were done cleaning up breakfast, we embarked on our “deep dive.” On our dive Ben brought an egg, showing us a pretty cool trick. It was a great relaxing dive, and thankfully no one tried to eat the egg. Then after our 5 days on Aftica, we set foot (somewhat wobbly) on the lively streets of Road Town. After dining and shopping we all reunited for a super speedy return to Great Harbor. Our rest of the afternoon was quite relaxed; filled with everything from pterodactyl games to Barbara Streisand. Boyd, Ben, and Aaron mustered their final burst of cooking genius to concoct an absolutely mouthwatering vegetarian chili with rice. Content from a full day of adventures and laughter, we all splashed and sudsed, taking a salt-water shower along with our new friend Barry the Barracuda. At the moment we are in the midst of a crazy windy and rainy storm, and are looking forward to an enlightening lecture about wreck diving. With Guns n’ Roses playing in the blue lagoon, the salty cool breeze blowing through the boat, and adventures in sight, there’s really no place we’d rather be.