Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Mountain Point: 10 degrees for 3 nm, tack, 138 degrees for 3.2 nm, tack 20 degrees for 4.2 nm, tack 323 degrees for 3 nm, tack, 354 degrees for 4 nm, tack, 300 degrees for 2.1 nm, tack, 353 degrees for 5.9 nm, tack, 106 degrees for 3.5 nm. 28.9 nm total. Today we sailed 28.9 nautical miles. The seas were choppy and rough. We ate lunch at a nice restaurant and had a great time walking on the beach. This morning the Dolphin crew worked with their underwater cameras and we took some awesome shots! The Neptunes went on a wreck dive, and got to explore the awesome tugboat that was sunk. Tonight was the first night dive and it was SO amazing. There was so much we saw that we never would have seen during the day. We made up a Grand Cru pre-dinner dance to “Ooh Aah.” The dance was the same two motions over and over for 15 minutes until dinner was ready. I broke the speed record for this trip by reaching 9.5 knots. Sorry Reiley, your record of 9.2 knots has been shattered. We are having an amazing trip and are looking forward to another fantabulous day tomorrow.