Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Day 3 started kinda wet. The people sleeping outside woke up because of a big squall. It rained all night, but it was ok because of the hot weather. Julian and Alex cooked 48 eggs and Julian’s special blueberry muffin loaf breakfast. It was amazing, and everyone on the yacht participated to make a chill vibe. We did a scuba chat, and it was very exciting. Then we did another chat, the first sail chat of the trip. After the chats, we had mac and cheese for lunch. And as the chefs of the day, it was Julian and Alex who made the lunch too. After the delicious mac and cheese, we departed Marina Cay and headed for Savannah Bay. When we arrived at the bay, some of the team did the basic sailing exam, and all four of the participants passed. Scuba gear setup practice and waterskiing/wakeboarding were possible before dinner.

We are looking forward to tomorrow. Bye!